Niterider Digital Patrol Dual Beam LED Police Bicycle Light System

The NiteRider Police Patrol dual beam light system has been upgraded to a LED version that no longer requires flip lenses for the pursuit mode. NiteRider has a firm commitment to the law enforcement and security industry which ensures a highly reliable lighting system, backed by NiteRider's service and outstanding performance. The Digital Patrol light system was designed in partnership with major police departments around the country.

The new LED Patrol has a single beam headlight on one side with a low, medium and high beam. The other side of the headlight has flashing pursuit lights available in the combination of red/blue, red/red or blue/blue.

Optional accessories are a modular/handlebar mounted 115db siren. Please note, the siren does not attach to the headlight. Taillight available with red/blue leds.


Key Features:

  • 4:30 Hour Charge Time
  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • 3 Light Levels: High/700 Lumens, Medium/300Lumens, Low/150 Lumens
  • Burn Time: High - 3:30, Medium - 7:30, Low - 22:00, Flash - 19:30

NiteRider Patrol Digital LED Police Bike Light Dual Beam